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Concealed Wines – Company Profile


Concealed Wines is an established importer of wine and spirit products, active in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Our company works with excellent producers all over the world, together suppling our markets with an excellent range of beer, wine and spirit products. Our priority clients on the basis of volumes are Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet. An important activity along with off-trade distribution is selling wines and alcohol beverages directly to restaurants. Today Concealed Wines sells to restaurants and bars in Sweden.


Concealed Wines today is an established importer in all the three markets with a portfolio of over 60 brands listed in the different markets. Our mission is to continue and grow, together with our suppliers we want to become a leading player on the Scandinavian market.


We look out for partners that are eager to get into the Scandinavian markets. Our intentions working with you is always to work on a  long term basis, where we see that both sides together have to engage themselves to succeed in sales and establishing brand recognition on the Scandinavian markets. We do believe that a good collaboration in between supplier and importer is crucial in order to succeed in our markets.


Concealed Wines is always pleased to present its market requirements. This information on all the markets can be found on our Current Tender page. The page is classified on the basis of country and product category. Read more about current tender opportunities on below link:

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To see the summary of the tenders visit our blog page.


An important activity along with off-trade distribution is sales of wines and alcohol beverages directly to restaurants. Today Concealed Wines sells to restaurants and bars in Sweden, with focus on greater Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. Since establishment of our business in 2008, our company has been dealing with restaurants, however in 2016 Concealed Wines took a decision to become a full-house player to restaurants, rather than to take a position as a niche provider.


CSR to us means a sustainable business development with a balance between economic growth and social as well as environmental responsibility. For us at Concealed Wines CSR comprises human rights, safety of employees, sustainability within production, transport and sales, social responsibility as well as promoting moderate alcohol consumption. As a supplier to the Nordic monopolies we support and participate actively in their CSR-initiative based on BSCI.

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Some philosopher said it correct “Content is Fire, Social Media is gasoline”. Our enterprise has suppliers worldwide and we always attempt to pass on the understanding of market demand to all our suppliers who have been selling their products in the scandinavian market or are looking forward to sell their products in the market. Therefore follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get recent updates.


By doing an internship at Concealed Wines, you will gain experience from real work in wine business but also an idea how a entrepreneurial driven company develops new business with fast growth. Concealed Wines have every year a big number of applicants, so please if you are interested, be kind to invest time in your initial email approach since competition is high.

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Concealed Wines Sweden

Concealed Wines AB (556770-1585).
Bo Bergmans gata 14, 115 50
Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8-410 244 34
Email: info@concealedwines.com

Concealed Wines Norway

Concealed Wines NUF (996 166 651).
Ulvenveien 88 c/o Krogsvold Smith,
0581 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +46 8-410 244 34
Email: info@concealedwines.no

Concealed Wines Finland

Concealed Wines OY (2506194-2).
Närpesvägen 25 c/o Best bokföring ,
64200 Närpes, Finland
Telefon: +46 8-410 244 34
Email: info@concealedwines.fi