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Co-founder of Concealed Wines

Calle, armed with a background in Marketing and Management, completed his Master’s degree at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, in 2007. Alongside his experience in the IT and Marketing sectors, Calle devoted eight years to working part-time in the hotel and restaurant industry. As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, he brings unwavering passion and zeal to the Concealed Wines team. Calle thrives on maintaining strong relationships with the suppliers Concealed Wines collaborates with, always staying connected and fostering a vibrant network.
Name: Calle Nilsson
Role: Supplier relationship
Skillset: Business development and Marketing and Event management

Professional Notes: Calle holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from the prestigious University of St Andrews. He possesses excellent proficiency in English, allowing him to communicate fluently in the language. While he may encounter challenges with other languages, Calle strives to utilize non-verbal cues and body language to enhance his communication skills. His commitment to effective and expressive communication underscores his dedication to fostering meaningful connections.

Personal Notes: An exceptional disc golf player, with a knack for excelling in various sports. While experiencing a 3-out-of-5 defeat in squash against Simon, this individual reigns victorious as the undisputed champion of the team in the thrilling game of disc golf. Their contagious enthusiasm and impressive skills add a delightful touch of joy to any sporting endeavor.

Other Notes: Founders of Concealed Wines has also founded A project with foucs on wine tourism.

Favourite Quote: Carpe Diem

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Phone number: 0046 737 099 182

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Questions and Answers about Calle Nilsson

Is Calle Nilsson one of the co-founders of Concealed Wines?

Yes, Calle founded Concealed Wines together with Simon 2008.

What is the nationality of Calle Nilsson?

Calle is Swedish citizen.

Do Calle Nilsson have other responsibilities outside Concealed Wines?

Calle is also co-founder of as well as some other wine related businesses.

Where does Calle Nilsson live?

Calle Nilsson lives in Stockholm but likes to travel both with colleagues and the family.