Current tender opportunities for the Swedish (Systembolaget), Finnish (ALKO) and Norwegian (Vinmonopolet) market. Tenders are presented per country for wine and then beer, cider and spirit on separate product pages. Please notice that you can use filter function in right pane menu if you want to search for a specific opportunity. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to return to us via chat, skype, telephone or email. We are happy to assist you with answers. Also, please watch our introduction video and 5-tips how to maximize your chance to be selected to better understand how to submit an offer.

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Questions and Answers about tenders for Monopoly Tenders

Submitting an offer for a tender is completely free. You can easily submit offers for Systembolaget Tenders, Alko Tenders, or Vinmonopolet Tenders at no cost.

Systembolaget and Vinmonopolet only accept offers from licensed suppliers like Concealed Wines as example. ALKO accept direct offers but most suppliers offer via an importer.

You can submit offers for Systembolaget Tenders, Alko Tenders, or Vinmonopolet Tenders if your products match their requirements. Once you complete the paperwork on our wine tenders pages, we will review it thoroughly. If additional information is needed, we will contact you promptly.

Please note that the procedure is the same for beers and spirits.

A licensed supplier is a company (normally an importer) with an agreement with Systembolaget to supply Systembolaget with products. Concealed wines is a licensed supplier to Systembolaget. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the application for tender Systembolaget. Our expertise also extends to preparing competitive tender wine submissions for various international markets, ensuring your products have the best chance of success.

Yes, you can find wine tenders and any other products type on our website. You can register (for free), and then submit an offer. Our team will review the offer and get back to you with questions or further guidance about the next steps.

Concealed Wines specializes in the markets of Sweden, Finland, and Norway, with a strong focus on participating in the Systembolaget tender process. Our expertise ensures that we can effectively navigate the tenders requirements and successfully submit wine tenders for this market.

If you’re seeking a business opportunity, you can browse our website and select ‘Opportunities.’ For example, if you wish to stay updated on news for tender Systembolaget, simply choose Sweden, and you’ll find all the information you need. Additionally, you can filter by country of origin. For instance, if you offer Italian wines, you can easily access the tender vino opportunities specific to Italy directly on the page. If you have any inquiries, please contact us with the tender wine number, and we will assist you promptly.