Apply for an internship at Concealed Wines for 12 to 48 weeks. Doing an internship at Concealed Wines will give you a great experience. Focus on the internship will be both to work in group works with other team members but also be in charge of your own projects and report to your mentor at Concealed Wines. Depending on your skills you will also be able to decide your agenda for an internship and agree with tasks with your mentor. The idea with an internship is that you as student should gain experience and develop skills but also that Concealed Wines should see value of tasks you as intern complete. Aim for Concealed Wines is to help the intern and develop skills since it in the interns interest to do so but also for Concealed Wines as the employer.

Below is a brief list of tasks you will do as an intern:

  • Reserach and assist in development of new market segments on client side.
  • Be in charge of social media marketing and implementation.
  • Assist purchase department in communication with supplier side.
  • Assist rest of the team in everyday work in office.
  • Project lead own projects developed in particular to the interns set of skills.

Concealed Wines is a very established wine company active in the Nordic markets in Europe. Except acting as an importer in the Nordic markets, Concealed Wines today run joint-venture with a company in China. Team of Concealed Wines is a an entrepreneurial driven young team where all members take a big responsibility for the development forward for Concealed Wines as organisation. The entrepreneurial spirit is today a corner stone in the organisation and therefore business development is crucial for the development of the company.

To fit into Concealed Wines as team it is crucial that you as intern is very motivated and like to work in groups. Moreover it is crucial that you can work efficient on your own and report in the end of the task to the mentor.  Furthermore the attitude at work is crucial and it is important that intern share positive energy at workplace in the same way as the rest of the team.

If you think Concealed Wines sounds as a company you want to be a part of during an internship with time frame 12 to 48 weeks, please drop us an email. Notice that we have a big number of applicants so please make sure to spend a bit time on your personal letter and CV before you press send.

The person to get in touch with is Calle and your reach him on Be very clear in the subject line of the email that you want to apply for an internship and which period.

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