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Concealed Wines operates in three Scandinavian markets : in Sweden, Finland and Norway. They are three matured markets with educated consumers when it comes to wine, beer and spirit products. Concealed Wines operates selling to off-trade as well as on-trade market actors, however most of the volume goes via off-trade market due to the regulations in the markets. When we talk about the off-trade markets, our distributions go via Systembolaget (Sweden), ALKO (Finland) and Vinmonopolet (Norway).

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Continuously we compete on calls of tenders announced by Systembolaget (Sweden), Alko (Finnland) and Vinmonopolet (Norway). Since the Scandinavian off-trade markets are ruled by monopolies, the purchasing process is very strict.

We work in close relationship with a number of partners to compete on Monopoly tenders. We believe it is very important to work in close relationship with the producer and together come up with good suggestions of wines to meet current tender requests.

Our strategy when we win Monopoly tenders and get a listing is to focus on well extended marketing activities the first year and work in close relation with PR and media partners to expose the brand towards the end consumer. Our ambitions for all our listings are not that they should be average sellers, but rather best sellers. We are willing together with you as a partner to push on marketing initially to make this happen.

Besides competing on tenders we also work on proposing wines to the monopolies which fit to specific range of selections. This we do when we have something extraordinary to present, it could be a new AOC, old vintages or something innovative. If you believe you have an interesting wine, that you are willing to offer please let us know and we can present it to the monopolies.

For a beverage supplier, it is a broad range of opportunities that we potentially can discuss in our markets, however it is important to understand that a long-term perspective is the key in order to do a good job in our markets. Many times it takes a few years to succeed to get started with distributions in our markets.

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On our website, we do publish current tenders announced by the monopoly distributors. These distributors are Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet. On below link you will find more information about these tender opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact our team on chat if you need some assistance.



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