Concealed Wines is an established importer of wine and spirit products, active in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Our company works with excellent producers all over the world. Together with them we supply our markets with an excellent range of beer, wine and spirit products. Our priority clients on the basis of volumes are Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet. An important activity apart from off-trade distribution is selling wines and alcohol beverages directly to restaurants. Today Concealed Wines sells to restaurants and bars in Sweden.


Until 1995 Systembolaget was responsible for the monopoly for all alcoholic beverages above 2,25 vol. %. They were dealing with the import, export, retailing, production and distribution. However these restrictions excluded beer. However those who had licences could produce beer.

The monopoly was abolished in all aspects except retailing in the year 1995. Since there is still a retailing monopoly, the general Swedish consumer has to rely on the Systembolaget stores for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. The retailing monopoly also restricts the importers from carrying out any kind of marketing campaigns in the stores.

Currently there are 400 stores and 800 distribution facilities through out the country. The opening hours vary but generally all stores are open from 10.00 to 18.00 on Monday to Friday and 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturdays. The legal age of drinking is 18. However you have to be atleast 20 years old to buy alcoholic beverages from any Systembolaget store.

Customers that are clearly under the influence of any kind of intoxication would be denied purchasing alcohol. If a person tries to buy on behalf of minors he or she will also be denied.

Systembolaget does not have a central stock for all their products. In most cases they place their orders through the importers. Significantly our company has a central warehouse from where we supply directly to their stores usually on daily basis. Our company covers the logistic cost.


Systembolaget has a central headquater. The import decisions and launch strategies are made in the headquater office and not in the store level. The general strategy is to introduce both temporary listings as well as products for the main assortment. Systembolaget provides a launch strategy two times per year. This gives the importers and the producers a better idea about the demand as well as the types and styles of products which will be interesting for them. Our company works with producers all over the world. These tenders are introduced on our website and are regularly updated by our team.

Apart from the launch strategies all importers receive a more detailed request for information. This information is send by the purchase officers at Systembolaget. They specify exactly what they are looking to introduce on the market. However this is done about six months before the request date. We submit written offers after we have received all the information from the producer. They ask for tasting samples of the most interesting products after considering all the written offers.

The temporary product range are only purchased as per specified in the requested quantity. It is generally not introduced again unless there is a new general request for the exact product. Another category for listing is the products for the strategic introductions. This listing is purchased and launched two times per year. The launch takes place in April and October. The main aim of this listing is that they can be part of the main assortment. Therefore to meet this aim they should sell well enough.


Systembolaget provides a reference number for each tender. Furthermore the tasting of samples are classified on the basis of products. They match each information as specified in the request example – category, style, variety or type. The results of the tasting are sent to the importer after each tasting. The answer could be pass or rejected. This is a bit time consuming process. Correspondigly it may take 2 to 6 weeks before we have the results.

The submission dates for written offers and sample  are fixed and any offer or sample that is not delivered on time to Systembolaget will be rejected.


Systembolaget does not control the on trade market. Therefore any licensed importer is free to sell and distribute alcoholic beverages to restaurants or HoReCa without any involvement of Systembolaget.
In the on trade market, the beer consumption far exceeds the wine or spirits consumption, and the total market shares for wine on the alcohol market amounts to approx 15 %. Concealed Wines has the licence to sell the wine to HoReCa.

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