To wrap up this busy and productive week we would like to tell you about our last team-building event that we organized at Concealed Wines a while ago.

As very creative people, we decided to go on a painting activity! The host set up some rules to let our spontaneity come out. The task in this painting project was to draw and after that paint one of your colleagues.

Here are some rules that we had to follow:

  • 30 seconds to draw the person in a one-line style
  • After that, we had to divide the background into four sections in any possible direction
  • And, the best part is to paint your masterpiece with the brightest colour you could find!

To increase our creativity, we had some great wines to taste during our painting class.

Congratulations to all the team, everyone did a great job in creating the portrait of your colleagues!

Happy Weekend from all of us here at Concealed Wines.

/Polina and Alix

September, 2023

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