We are thrilled to share that a new product has been launched in Systembolaget today on September 15th! Find new Umeshu now available at Systembolaget stores:

Kankoubai Ume Sake by Kankoubaishuzo Co., Ltd.

Established in 1854, Kanbainbai Brewery creates plum wine using their own homemade sake. The finest large ripe ume come from Matsumoto Farm, located in Mihama-cho, Mie Prefecture. They are gently soaked in sake (Ginjo shu) for half a year after removing the stem from ume thoroughly by hand and being rinsed. An elegant and pleasant aroma, with a fresh taste of sake and the sweetness of ripe plums. While it can be enjoyed pure, the brewery recommends drinking it with soda to enhance the refreshing flavor without excessive sweetness. This light plum wine aroma provides a warm and comforting experience.

  • Country: Japan
  • Container: Glass bottle
  • Price: 299 SEK
  • Article number: 90023

Take the chance to try this interesting and unique product!


September, 2023

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