We are happy to introduce you our two new interns that just start working with us at Concealed Wines, Alix Laurencin & Clèva Cazaumayou!

Both would like to build their career in the wine business and we asked them to share with you why they chose working at our office and do their internship in Stockholm.

Hej! My name is Clèva, I am a French student from EM Lyon Business School and I recently started my internship at Concealed Wines for five months.

After a first internship in 2021 in wine marketing field, I decided to do another internship but this time focusing on the import and purchase part of the wine business.

I had always dreamt of visiting Sweden and this is how I came to typing on Google three simple words that lead me to Concealed Wines: Wine-Stockholm-Internship.

Here I am learning all about the Scandinavian wine market and the role of the importer which is completely different from any other countries. We are working on different projects and trying to make it easier for the producers to participate in tenders and understand the monopoly’s system.

Being in contact with winemakers from all around the world and helping them to develop their export strategies in Scandinavia is particularly interesting for me and I am getting a great insight and understanding of the monopoly markets.

On top of that, I get to practice my English and develop my organizational, technical and communication skills in a great atmosphere, full of trust and openness.

The Concealed Wines team is super friendly and attentive to interns and will give you endless tips to discover Stockholm and Sweden!

Hi, I am Alix, I am from Bordeaux, France. I am studying international management in Kedge Business School and Kozminski University as a Double Degree student in exchange.
I am really pleased to integrate Concealed Wines for 5 months as an intern.

Growing up in a winemaker family, it is naturally that I started to be very interested by this world. For me, the winemaking process, the grapes, the harvest were something I wanted to know more about. At 12, I knew this world could be my way. Now, at 20, I want to expend my knowledge as far as I can to continue my studies.

Integrating Concealed Wines will help me develop my knowledge and myself in this field. The Swedish market is fascinating and, as an intern, it offers a lot of new responsibilities, and enables new skills.

Now, a bit more about me. As a student in exchange, in my free time, I like to discover the city, the country, their culture. I really like to explore and just loose myself in the city. Also, I like to draw, I try as much as I can to continue. And of course, going out with my friend for a coffee or a drink is always a good choice. So, here I am for new adventures!

We at Concealed Wines are happy to have them at the office and we hope they will have a great experience working with us!

Read more about the experiences of previous interns and how to do the internship at Concealed Wines:

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,

/Polina, Clèva and Alix

September, 2023

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