Fair-trade Syrah in PET or Paper package (A)
Tender No. 215_10

Sweden (Systembolaget)
Permanent listing (9 months minimum)
447 Systembolaget stores
Deadline written offer:
June 15, 2022
Deadline Samples:
June 21, 2022
Launch Date:
December 1, 2022
We are looking for a fruity and spicy wine with hints of dark and red berries, plums and bay leaves. The wine may have elements of oak, but this is not a requirement.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Type of Product:
Red wine
Region (Classification):
Any Region, please specify in offer
Minimum 95 % syrah/shiraz
2021 or 2022
Ex. Cellar Price:
1,6 - 2,1 € per 750 ml PET bottles or Tetrapack
Bulk Price (per liter):
maximum 1,3 € per litre
Minimum Volume:
93,000 (Volume Unit 750 ml PET bottles or Tetrapack)
Type of Container:
PET bottles or Tetrapack
Container Size:
750 ml
If PET bottle: long screw cap made of material approved for return system with deposit (not metal).
Other Requirements:
  1. Please note that only one product per producer can be offered.
  2. A gurantee of supply document should be submitted with the offer. We will provide you this document and guidance to fill it out.
  3. The wine must be certified by Fairtrade or IMO-fair for Life as fair trade. A label for fair trade must be clearly stated on the packaging.
  4. In the Storage method field, information about storage method and storage time must be entered.
  5. Please note that this tender is open for Bulk deal, meaning that we would be able to handle the filling and packaging part, contact our Purchase team to discuss further.
  6. This is a so called A-classified tender, the process is different than a regular tender. Contact our Purchase team to get detailed information.

Read about Concealed Wines Code of conduct & CSR Standard here.

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