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Important noticement and rules


The Nordic monopolies follow a rather detailed quality process. It is important that the information you state in your tender is accurate with the wine you offer. In a manner to understand why this is important, please have a look at the short quality process description below.


Once the different offers have been sent in a tender test is performed and includes a sensory analysis. Three authorized wine tasters do a blind tasting of the wines and pick a winning wine. Normally at least 20 wines participate.

The monopoly will make sure you deliver the same wine as offered initially

The different steps below are performed by the monopoly to ensure that you deliver the same wine as initially offered. The client does not accept changes of the product and if they notice it they will reject the purchase.


  1. Once a wine has been picked the winner of the blind tasting the sample undergoes a chemical analysis. The result of this analysis is used as a reference point later on in the process, which means that other values will be compared with this result.
  2. It follows a launch test where a sensory comparison is made between a launch sample and the tender sample (the winning wine).
  3. If a difference is found a triangle test is performed to confirm the difference. If this test confirms the difference, a comparative quality testing is arranged. If the difference is essential the importer is contacted and responsible for an explanation.
  4. It follows a chemical analysis to make sure the launch sample fulfills law requirements. This analysis is compared to the chemical analysis of the first tender sample.
  5. Packaging is also controlled to make sure it is according to the law, rules and specific requirements of the tender reference.
  6. The last test round, the test before the product starts selling, compares the store sample with the first tender sample. This test is performed when the samples have been delivered to the different stores.
  7. Once again if there is a difference a triangle test is made. If this difference is essential multiple store samples from different stores are tasted. A new chemical analysis is made to ensure that the store sample coincides with the result of the tender sample.
  8. If the store sample shows a sensory and chemical difference there is a sale stop until the wine is the same as the winning tender sample.

Concealed Wines Sweden

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Concealed Wines Norway

Concealed Wines NUF (996 166 651).
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0581 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +46 8-410 244 34
Email: info@concealedwines.no

Concealed Wines Finland

Concealed Wines OY (2506194-2).
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64200 Närpes, Finland
Telefon: +46 8-410 244 34
Email: info@concealedwines.fi

ALKO’s Green choice

ALKO wants to simplify how the end consumer can find products where the producer has invested in sustainable development and made environmental efforts. As a results ALKO has created 6 different ‘green-choice’ symbols that are presented together with the product in ALKO’s assortment. These 6 categories are the following:

For more detailed information on each category, please visit this link