First of all I want to wish you all happy 2023. For me and the rest of Concealed Wines, 2023 has started off very well. We are very excited to start and continue with different projects together with all our international partners.

Today Systembolaget launched new tenders. The tender process takes place coming months while selected products will be launched in the market in Septemer or December 2023. For each tender you will see the time line both for tender process and also for the launch date in market.

The announcement is for permanent listings. If you are selected, you will stay at least 9 months in the market, after that period you can stay longer given that the product cope with the competition.

You find all the tenders on the current tender section on our website. In order to access all the details please register/log-in it will take you seconds. While you are logged in you can also apply online but also access some other new functionality. In order to find out more visit the client area.

So what is the focus on the tenders? It continue to be for organic and sustainable products in combination with cliemate friendly package formats. You see this trend for all type of products; Wine, Beer, Spirits and Cider.

Please notice that Concealed Wines sell products in Can, PET, BIB, Light-weight bottle today. We can assist you how to plan such project and also provide partners to help out with the bottling part. Even if tender ask for a particular tender format samples can in most cases be send in normal bottle format.

Have a look on the new opportunities and please return to us if you have questions. You can use either the live chat online or the message function on the website.

We hope to speak with you later.

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