Yesterday there was a wine event organized at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm for Jura and Bourgogne wines. Concealed Wines was present at one of the stands together with our producer Fruitière Vinicole d’ Arbois which is one of the very first cooperative wineries established in France. Founded in 1906 by 26 wine-growers from Arbois, it is now one of the most important cooperatives in Jura with more than a hundred winegrowing members.  Fruitière Vinicole d’ Arbois brought 6 wines that represented their range including: Chardonnay (which is currently listed at Systembolaget – click here for more information), Savagnin, Arbois Jaune, Trousseau Terre de Marnes, Pinot Noir and their Cremant Montboisie.

Emma, Emelie, Cecilia and Ebba were all present at the fair and had the pleasure to meet with a few different wineries from Bourgogne and Jura.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend coming up!


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