Ooohhhh…. Welcome to Halloween!

During Halloween week Concealed Wines team had a team-building activity and went out together for a famous Halloween experience at the amusement park Gröna Lund, here in Stockholm.

We discovered a very well-decorated park with Halloween-themed attractions covered by spiderwebs and hanging upside-down skeletons. The park was full of monsters, and spooky creatures that haunted us wherever we went. Not to mention terrifying clowns that jump on you when you least expect it. We should have taken more seriously the motto of the park “Be careful, they can follow you….” 🙂

As very strong people (as we thought), we, of course, decided to explore all the horror houses available at the park and it was definitely a good idea to test our limit of stress resistance.

Well, at the end of our evening, we lost our voices after screaming and laughing the whole evening.  We can surely say that this team-building activity strengthens the bond of our team even more!

Happy Friday everyone!

/ Alix & Polina

November, 2023

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