An early phase of social media: 

There was a time when the internet was just beginning to gain a foothold in our culture, forward-thinking businesses established their online presence in a world where they had a high degree of control over their message. Interactivity and conversations were limited to putting an email link or a contact form on a website:  comment systems, feedback, and reviews were nearly nonexistent, and “going viral” meant just emails with subject lines like “Fwd: Fwd: You have to see this!”  

Early forums were used by only a tiny fraction of the internet connected population and search engines were slow and inefficient, so there was very little interference in business-to-consumer communications. MetaFilter was probably the first true social media site, but with the very small demographic of sophisticated early adopters, getting a marketing message on the site was nearly impossible. There was a very low tolerance for any type of promotional activity, and the community would ruthlessly go after any appearance of commercial intent.

But now the time has completely changed, technology has given all of us so many options to communicate as well as bring our ideas to the real world. Concealed Wines being a distributor and importer of wines, beer and spirit products totally understand the role internet and social media plays in our business. Today we are an established importer in Sweden, Norway and Finland with a portfolio of 60 brands listed in the different markets. Our suppliers are from different countries who offer us the best quality products which fit the demand of the Scandinavian market.

Benefits of our Social Media Pages

Some philosopher said it correct ” Content is Fire, Social Media is gasoline”. Our enterprise has suppliers worldwide and we always attempt to pass on the understanding of market demand to all our suppliers who have been selling their products in the Scandinavian market or are looking forward to selling their products in the market. Matching your products to our market demand is the primary task what we aim for. Our partners receive the information about the monopoly, the latest market trends and links to our web blog posts on our social media pages. This shared knowledge provides all our suppliers to know what our clients are looking for and this can be helpful for them to enter these markets.  

Our social media followers can, therefore, view the market requirements from our social media pages and can also contact us via these pages if they are willing to offer us a product which can fulfil the demand. Social media also benefits us with the opportunity to get updated about our partners and their best selling products, as well as we get the opportunity to share their news feed about products or upcoming activities on our social media pages. Social media also gives our suppliers/followers the chance to post their blogs or else share some experience with concealed wines. The feedback/reviews we get via our social media pages helps us to improve our services and also know what our partners expect from us.

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– Akshat



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