Friday morning starts with great news! We are launching a new wine at Systembolaget today on the August 18th! Look out for this fantastic product in the stores starting today!

Temjanika Luda Mara by Vinarska Vizba Tikves AD Kavadarci

Temjanika Luda Mara is a dry white wine with a light yellow color, adorned with greenish nuances. The forefront reveals floral aromas, characterized by scents of violet, rose, and tangerine. The wine showcases a balanced and captivating delicate body. It leaves a long-lasting impression on the palate.

  • Region: Tikveš, Povardarie, North Macedonia
  • Grapes: 100% Temjanika
  • Container: Glass bottle
  • Price: 129 SEK
  • Article number: 93398

We hope you enjoy it and we wish you a pleasant weekend ahead!


August, 2023

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