Below is a list of all current products requests for our markets. Use filter function on the side column if you want to filter the list. Use “More Details” link in order to get more information about a specific request. To not hesitate to contact us on skype or chat for urgent discussions.

Calle Nilsson
(Skype ID: callenil)

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Questions & Answers about the spirit tenders

The tender application is free of charge. Concealed Wines charges no fees for making an offer. Following the selection of the application, monopoly will request a few bottles of samples. An applicant bears this cost.

Concealed Wines currently sells varied range of international spirits through monopoly distributors such as Systembolaget, ALKO, and Vinmonopolet.

When you submit a spirit tender, the time it takes to receive an answer varies, but in general, you will receive an answer within 4-8 weeks of the tender's deadline date.

Concealed Wines will assist you in the process once you submit a spirit tender.

If your spirit is selected, Concealed Wines will purchase the wine Ex works or FOB terms unless something else has been agreed.