Earlier this week Systembolaget announced its new launch plan. The announcement include a list of the upcoming products, Systembolaget would like to add to its assortment for 2016. The buying decisions will take place during 2015, start from June onwards. The list of products is an overview about the product types Systembolaget want to add, however it is at this stage possible to influence the buyers.

In order to help you understand, I try to outline even more on link below:

Link more information how to work Pro-active on Launch Plan Stage

On our website you will find informaiton about the announcement. You can read about it below sub-title “Upcoming Tenders for Swedish Monopoly (Systembolaget)” on the link below.

– Link to upcoming tenders (Launch plan information Systembolaget)

Notice that Beer/Cider and Spirit products have separate links, while wine products is divided per country. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to just drop us a chat message or contat via skype, email or phone. Me and the rest of our team very much look forward to start and work on new projects.
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