Amfori – BSCI

Amfori - BSCI

As a licensed supplier to Systembolaget, we have to follow a certain code of conduct when it comes to our CSR Work. The program is called Amfori BSCI and on link you will find more details about it. It is also our responsibility to inform next steps in value chain about this program. For producers active in our market it make sense to have an understanding about this program and what Concealed Wines and our partner Systembolaget ask from

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A-classified tenders – Systembolaget- Sweden

A-classified tenders - Systembolaget- Sweden

Greetings from Stockholm! Here we have some very interesting and important information and details about A-classified tenders for the Swedish market. What is an A-classified tender and how is it different from other tenders? Systembolaget has another category of tenders which are called A-classified tenders. These are different from the general tenders. The main differences are- In general tenders the only paperwork that we ask you to fill in a tender form. Then our purchase team revises and prepares the

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