We at Concealed Wines, always try to give our producers and partners the right information and support. This is not only helpful to enter the market but also helps to get the perfect results. Therefore, on this page, you will find information about the tender process and the related information.


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The written proposal is the first stage of the tender process. The tenders are updated on our website for each key market. If the tender requirements meet all the product specifications, the producer can apply for the tender. This stage requires a form filled in by the producer along with an authorization form. The deadline for the written proposal is mentioned in the tender. To read more click here.

After the product has cleared the first stage, the second stage is Sample Request. As soon as we get an answer from the monopoly, we inform the producer. Usually, if all the conditions are matching the requested product and the buyer is interested to taste the product we send a request for the sample. The number of bottles required for the samples is different depending on the product type. To read more click here.

We send the samples to the monopoly as soon as we receive the samples. The process gets cancelled if the samples are unable to reach our office on time. The monopoly does not welcome the samples after the deadline date. The deadline for each tender is written on the tender and our purchase coordinators inform the producer about the deadlines. The tasting is done by the buyer at the headquarters. The tasting panel consists of…… read more

After the tasting stage, the monopoly sends us the result of the tasting. It is important for our producers to know the meaning of the result. The time period of the results is different for the monopolies. For example, Systembolaget releases the results of the tasting within-. To know what a result means, click here.

If the sample is not selected by the monopoly, there is always the next chance to win the tender. The producer can make some changes to the request and then apply for the tender in next year or in any upcoming tenders. Our well-trained Sommeliers taste the samples and we try to understand what changes could be made to the approach and to the product. To read more about the feedback, click here.