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Once the tasting has taken place the monopoly will let us know the results from the tasting. It is important for our producers to know the meaning of the result.

The time it takes for us to receive the results from Systembolaget varies for each tender.

After each blind tasting for wine we inform our producers of the following information:

  • The number of participants in the tasting
  • The winning product as well as how many scores the winning product received in the tasting
  • The score for the product (to know more about the classification of the score, click here.)
  • A comment from one of our sommeliers on all wine tenders submitted to see why it received the score it received.

Below are the rough estimates of the number of participating products for different categories:

  • New world wines: 25-40
  • Old world wines: 40-50
 Beer and Cider
  • Premium Beer: 20-35
  • Price Factor*: 10-20

*Price Factor: This category has products which are in the price category – 0,5 € or less (ex-work price) for 500 ml or lower.

*Please note: These numbers are estimates and might be different for all tenders.