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The three monopolies Concealed Wines works with have a common goal: to make sure that the wine industry reduces its impact on the environment and becomes more sustainable. This page focuses on sustainability and how the monopolies are trying to improve their behavior. It will help you understand the monopolies’ policies and how it can have an import on your opportunities in these three markets.

Sustainability at the monopoly: what to know about sustainability policies in Scandinavia

Content of this page

As Concealed Wines has a good experience with sustainability, it was our goal to help our suppliers aknowledge the policies and requirements they may face while selling their products through the monopolies. You can find information below regarding the three monopolies: Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet and Alko. You will also find comparative figures of sales at the end of the page, which will allow you to measure the demand for sustainable products.

Policies of Systembolaget to boost their sustainability

Systembolaget has developed a strong sustainability policy that is already applied when a producer wins a tender on the market. You will be able to read more about Systembolaget’s sustainability aspects on this page.

Vinmonopolet and its sustainability’s policies

Even though Vinmonopolet has a different way of making sure a product is sustainable, their policies are becoming stronger and they are also aiming at having a better range of sustainable products. You can click the button below to read more about Vinmonopolet’s policies and goals.

How Alko improves its sustainability

Alko is also developing policies regarding sustainability in order to have a wider sustainable assortment. Unlike Systembolaget, most of their policies have an impact during the selection of offers. Make sure to click on the link below to understand every aspect of Alko’s policies towards sustainability.

Home / Sustainability in the Scandinavian monopolies

Comparative figures between the monopolies

Last but not least, we wanted to share some comparative data for sales percentage of sustainable products in the three monopolies we work with. We will keep on updating these figures to make sure our suppliers can follow the changes in the monopolies. You can click here to find these values.