CSR to us means a sustainable business development with a balance between economic growth and social as well as environmental responsibility. For us at Concealed Wines CSR comprises human rights, safety of employees, sustainability within production, transport and sales, social responsibility as well as promoting moderate alcohol consumption. As a supplier to the Nordic monopolies we support and participate actively in their CSR-initiative based on BSCI.

Our vision

At Concealed Wines we’re proud of our range of wines, beer and spirts from producers in different countries all over the world. It is important for us that the products we offer also exhibit a high level when it comes to ethics and sustainability. We live by this attitude in our daily work and also inform our producers about it. Our vision is to follow a sustainable development during our process of growth. We want to offer our clients products that are produced in a sustainable way, preferably Organic, and make active choices to reduce our own impact on the environment when it comes to transport.


The cooperation with our suppliers are often based on long term relationships, which gives us the possibility to encourage them to have a sustainability mindset in the production process over time. We have several organic products as well as sustainability-certified wines in our portfolio. We transport as much as possible by boat since it’s a more environment-friendly transport option. For instance all our current products from Portugal and Spain are freighted by boat.

In order to help our producers understand better the sustainability policies from the monopolies, and see how they could affect their business opportunities, we created a page for sustainability on ou rwebsite. You can find this page here.

Social responsibility

Concealed Wines’ most important buyers are the state-owned monopolies Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet and ALKO. These clients focus to a big extent on their social responsibility and we fully support those initiatives. We have an open dialogue about the human rights that are included in their CSR-initiative and use their Code of Conduct as active tool to ensure that all our producers work accordingly in their everyday business. In risk countries, such as South Africa this is of utter importance.

Code of Conduct (BSCI’s CoC)

Our objective is that all our suppliers sign the BSCI’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Implementation, that are based on UN:s human rights. We perform risk analysis for each new producer we buy from and if we encounter any risk that they might not comply with parts of the CoC we help them to map which areas that are concerned and how they can work to improve these.

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Moderate alcohol consumption

As an importer of alcoholic beverages we also have a responsibility towards the end consumer. We encourage a moderate alcohol consumption by highlighting quality rather than quantity. Instead of pushing commercial marketing we instead focus on informative presentations of products containing food combinations, description of production process and the producer himself.