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As you may know, is a sister company of Concealed Wines and a great business partner for several years now. This platform is designed for wine enthusiasts and aims to be the premier guide for wine tourism and wine vacation. It simplifies booking various wine-related activities and helps wine producers attract visitors. With, you can easily book wine tastings, accommodations, dining reservations, food and wine pairings, and more, all in one place.

Our goal is to continually forge new connections around vineyards worldwide. We are always searching for the best possible experiences for you, dear wine explorers!

Therefore, we are excited to introduce the new service that has been launched on the platform: Personalized Wine Tours.

To give you a proper introduction to this new service, let’s hear from Tamta Bankanashvili, Marketing Manager at, as she talks about this exciting project:

1. Could you provide more details about the personalized wine tours offered by Wine Tourism? is an online platform linking wine enthusiasts with a curated selection of global wineries and local wine guides. While our standard tours feature predefined itineraries and pricing, we recently started to deliver personalized wine experiences tailored to the unique preferences of our clientele. Our personalized tours involve collaborating closely with our local partners to craft bespoke wine experiences that cater specifically to the desires of wine travelers.

    2. What is the primary objective of these experiences?

    Our objective is to craft unforgettable experiences that leave wine enthusiasts deeply satisfied and inspired to explore further. Through personalized tours tailored to individual preferences, we aim to enrich their understanding and appreciation of wine culture and foster meaningful connections with local communities, including winemakers, guides, and other key figures in the industry. 

    3. What are the key highlights or activities included in a tour?

    Key highlights or activities typically included in our tours may vary depending on the region and customer preferences, but they often feature:

    • Scenic Tours: Exploring picturesque vineyards and landscapes unique to the region.
    • Transportation: Convenient travel arrangements between locations to maximize enjoyment and comfort.
    • Winery Visits: Guided tours of renowned wineries, including tastings of their signature wines.
    • Culinary Experiences: Enjoying local cuisine paired with wines, either at wineries or traditional restaurants.
    • Customizable Options: Opportunities to tailor the tour itinerary to accommodate specific interests and group sizes.

    4. How can one book this type of tour?

    • Customers fill out a form on our Personalized Tours page detailing their plans and expectations, providing essential information for crafting the perfect experience.
    • A dedicated wine and travel expert is assigned to handle the customer’s request.
    • Additional details are clarified to tailor the itinerary, which is then presented to the customer for discussion and adjustments.
    • Upon mutual agreement on the itinerary, customers proceed to make payment for the experience.
    • Once the itinerary is agreed upon by both parties, customers pay for the experience.

      5. What is the maximum group size for a personalized tour?

      We don’t have a limitation on the maximum number of people, it always depends on the region we are working on. We strive to align winery visits with our customers’ needs, taking into account each location’s capacity. We have a lot of partners in different regions that are capable of accommodating large corporate gatherings as well as more casual groups, for a more private wine tour. Whether you’re planning a formal business event or a relaxed social gathering, our diverse network ensures we can cater to your specific needs and preferences.

      So, what do you say? Ready for adventure?

      If you want to personalize your experience among vineyards for your next wine holiday, feel free to register using this link and tell us your preferences:

      We will get back to you promptly with the best options.

      Have a great day, Skål!

      / Raphaël & Polina

      June, 2024