Natural white wine Portugal or Spain
Tender No. W200307

Finland (Alko)
Permanent listing (12 months minimum)
Segment Premium 60 - 100
Deadline written offer:
March 16, 2020
Deadline Samples:
April 14, 2020
Launch Date:
September 1, 2020
Natural wine: A product is a natural wine based on the producer’s declaration. Natural wines are produced with natural methods without added chemicals. Wines are grown without synthetic pesticides and no chemicals are usually used in the vinification. Natural wines are not clarified, filtered or stabilized. There is no European regulation or standards for natural wines. Alko classifies as natural wines such wines that the producer has declared natural wines. The natural wine status has to be visible on the product packaging.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Portugal, Spain
Type of Product:
White wine
vintage wine
Ex. Cellar Price:
3-4,8 € per 750 ml Glass bottle
Minimum Volume:
1330 (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
2667 (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)
Type of Container:
Glass bottle
Container Size:
750 ml
Sugar level (g/l):
dry g/l
Sample Image:
Other Requirements:
  1. The product must be a natural wine according to the producer. This must be clarified on the offer and this must be indicated on the label.
  2. The grape variety or varieties must be indicated on the offer.
  3. The region of production and the classification of the wine must be indicated on the offer.
  4. The vintage must be indicated on the label.
  5. Added value with organic feature.
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