Fair-trade or IMO-Fair Syrah Coastal Region
Tender No. 163_7

Sweden (Systembolaget)
Permanent listing (9 months minimum)
245 Systembolaget Stores
Deadline written offer:
February 9, 2021
Deadline Samples:
March 4, 2021
Launch Date:
September 1, 2021
We are looking for a modern, spicy and tasty red wine with a balanced oak character and hints of dark berries, herbs, black pepper and chocolate.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
South Africa
Type of Product:
Red wine
Region (Classification):
WO Coastal Region or underlying district / ward
Minimum 85 % syrah
Ex. Cellar Price:
4,5 - 5,8 € per 750 ml Glass bottle
Minimum Volume:
26670 (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)
Type of Container:
Glass bottle
Container Size:
750 ml
The wine must have been completely or partially aged in oak barrels (no use of oak chips or staves are allowed) for a minimum of 6 months
Other Requirements:
  1. The wine and the producer must be certified by Fairtrade or IMO-fair for Life as fair trade, which means that the wine must have a valid Fairtrade certificate or a valid certificate for Fair for Life from IMO. A label for fair trade must be clearly stated on the packaging. The offered producer must also hold a valid WIETA and / or Fairtrade and / or IMO Fair for Life certificate for the production of wine certified for fair trade (only certification as a "trader" is not accepted).
  2. Please attach to the offer Fairtrade or IMO Fair for Life certificate.

Read about Concealed Wines Code of conduct & CSR Standard here.

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