Oktoberfest beer, any country except Sweden or Germany
Tender No. 259444

Sweden (Systembolaget)
Temporary listing
Deadline written offer:
February 10, 2017
Launch Date:
September 1, 2017
The purpose of the launch is to highlight the Oktoberfest with a beer from a different country than Swedn and Germany. Several beers may be bought for this reference.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Any country
Type of Product:
Ex. Cellar Price:
0,4-0,8 € per unit € per
Minimum Volume:
10.000 liters (Volume Unit )
Sample Image:
Other Requirements:
  1. The beer should through name and/or design have an apparent connectin with the Oktoberfest in München and shall only be brewed to be available for this period.
  2. The price is based on a 500 ml glass bottle, if yours is different please revert for adapted pricing.

Read about Concealed Wines Code of conduct & CSR Standard here.

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