Gin from Europe only 21,9 % Alc. Vol.
Tender No. 202303028

Norway (Vinmonopolet)
Permanent listing or One time buy
Deadline written offer:
September 6, 2022
Deadline Samples:
September 20, 2022
Launch Date:
March 1, 2023
Gin from Europe only 21,9 % Alc. Vol.
Style/Buyer Comments:
Concentration, Raw material quality, added raw material

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Type of Product:
Ex. Cellar Price:
2,5 - 4,2 € per Max. 700 ml Glass bottle
Minimum Volume:
980 (Volume Unit Max. 700 ml Glass bottle)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
4,000 (Volume Unit Max. 700 ml Glass bottle)
Type of Container:
Glass bottle
Container Size:
Max. 700 ml
Alcohol vol.:
Max 21,9 % alc. vol.
Sugar level (g/l):
Max 20 g/l
Other Requirements:
  1. Style: Gin
  2. Based on gin (written confirmation from manufacturer must accompany the offer)
  3. White
  4. Distinct aroma of juniper
  5. Only one offer per manufacturer. If more than one offer is submitted from the same manufacturer only the lowest priced offer will be assessed for purchase, regardless of wholesaler
  6. If PET or aluminium packaging the packaging must be included in Norway's deposit system for refundable packaging
  7. No outer packaging (tube/box). The product must be shipped from country of origin without outer packaging (tube/box)

Read about Concealed Wines Code of conduct & CSR Standard here.

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