French dry Rosé wine with concept in 3000 ml BIB from any region
Tender No. W220111

Finland (Alko)
Permanent listing (12 months minimum)
Segment Wide Plus - 250 - 280
Deadline written offer:
January 15, 2022
Deadline Samples:
February 14, 2022
Launch Date:
June 1, 2022
French dry Rosé wine in 3000 ml BIB from any region

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Type of Product:
Rose wine
Region (Classification):
Any region
vintage wine
Ex. Cellar Price:
4,8 - 7,2 € per 3000 ml Bag-In-Box
Minimum Volume:
3890 (Volume Unit 3000 ml Bag-In-Box)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
11670 (Volume Unit 3000 ml Bag-In-Box)
Type of Container:
Container Size:
3000 ml
Sugar level (g/l):
dry g/l
Other Requirements:
  1. The tender is for a concept. The aim is to find a concept which of its appearance and concept is widely interesting for Alko's customers. For example, the concept can be built around a public figure or a brand known in Finland, or it can be known from the popular culture or it can be a similar concept.
  2. The concept must be explained on the offer and/or on its attachment and it must be argued why the concept is designed to be functional for Alko's clientele.
  3. Only one product per concept can be offered to this tender.
  4. The vintage must be indicated on the package.
  5. Product feature enabling Alko’s Green choice -symbol will be advantageous.
  6. The grape variety or varieties must be indicated on the offer.
  7. Notice that for this tender we can purchase bulk wine. Ask for more details when you discuss with us. More accurate sales estimates will be given if needed at the time of purchase when listing is confirmed. The samples must be send with final front labels, closure and packaging type OR with an empty mock–up. The appearance of final label is also part of the buying process.
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