Bitters Glass- or PET-bottle
Tender No. 201709006

Norway (Vinmonopolet)
Possible Permanent listing/depending on volumes availability
Deadline written offer:
March 6, 2017
Deadline Samples:
March 6, 2017
Launch Date:
September 1, 2017
Taste Style: (See Taste Styles Info) Red Wines Info
Concentration, Complexity

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Any country
Type of Product:
Ex. Cellar Price:
3,5 - 4,8 € € per 500 ml or 700 ml Glass- or PET-bottle
Minimum Volume:
600 of 500 ml or 700 ml Glass- or PET-bottles (Volume Unit 500 ml or 700 ml Glass- or PET-bottle)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
1.200 (Volume Unit 500 ml or 700 ml Glass- or PET-bottle)
Type of Container:
Glass- or PET-bottle
Container Size:
500 ml or 700 ml
Alcohol vol.:
35 % alc. vol. % alc. vol.
Sugar level (g/l):
35 % alc. vol. g/l
Other Requirements:
  1. Distinct influence of the botanicals used Written confirmation of the botanicals used to accompany the offer
  2. Without dominating influence from liquorice root
  3. Max. 20 g/l sugar
  4. Min. 35 % alcohol

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