Beaune 1er Cru France
Tender No. PW160201

Finland (Alko)
Permanent listing (36 months minimum)
Will be decided by ALKO after evaluation process.
Deadline written offer:
February 15, 2016
Launch Date:
August 15, 2016
A red wine from Beaune 1er Cru.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Type of Product:
Red wine
Region (Classification):
Beaune 1er Cru
Ex. Cellar Price:
15 - 30 € per 750 ml Glass bottle € per 750 ml Glass bottle
Bulk Price (per liter):
Maxmium € per litre (Concealed Wines buy a blend ready to be bottled)
Minimum Volume:
240 of 750 ml Glass bottles (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
500 of 750 ml Glass bottles (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)
Type of Container:
Glass bottle
Container Size:
750 ml
Sample Image:
You have to attach a product image to the written offer.
Other Requirements:
  1. A renowned producer and/or an esteemed representative of the style in question may be advantageous.
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