Asian dark rum
Tender No. PS180701

Finland (Alko)
Permanent listing (12 months minimum)
Deadline written offer:
July 1, 2018
Deadline Samples:
July 30, 2018
Launch Date:
March 1, 2019
Asian dark rum

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:
Any country
Type of Product:
Ex. Cellar Price:
4 - 10 € per 700 ml bottle
Minimum Volume:
700 liters (Volume Unit 700 ml bottle)
Estimated Volume (yearly):
700 liters (Volume Unit 700 ml bottle)
Type of Container:
Container Size:
700 ml
Alcohol vol.:
minimum 37,5 % alc. vol. % alc. vol.
Other Requirements:
  1. Asian rum, country of origin must be indicated on the offer and on the label.
  2. An ethical trade product will be advantageous.
  3. Product feature enabling Alko’s Green choice symbol will be advantageous.
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