new tenders systembolaget march 2023 launch

Today our client Systembolaget (Swedish market) announced final version of some tenders. The tender selection process take place in coming months and the selected products will be launched in the market from March 2023.

The announcement include tenders for Wine, Beer & Cider and Spirit products.

As expected it continues to be a focus on Sustainable and Organic certificates in combination with climate friendly package format.

Systembolaget has also added several tenders for sparkling wine in can container. Important to keep in mind for such requests is that Systembolaget expect a bar pressure of at least 3 bar.

Read more about all the tenders on our website. For Wine, go to a particular country. For other product types see separate options in the list further down.

Our team will work all the Swedish summer, but of course be a bit on and off in the office. So please be a bit patient if we dont reply asap on emalis.

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