Spring is right around the corner and we are very excited about it!

At the same time, we are happy that today the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget published tenders for Permanent Listing (9 months minimum)! The launches of the products will take place mostly in December 2024. You can see the timelines of tenders on our current tender section page.

The tenders are opened for permanent listings in the Systembolaget stores, which means that if you win the tender, you will sell your product for at least 9 months and you can stay longer given that the product copes with the competition.

On the following link you can find all the tenders and to see all the requirements, you should simply register / log-in (it will take you only a few seconds). When you are logged in, you can apply online and also have access to some other new functionalities. 

You can also visit the page for the client area to read more information about it.

What is Systembolaget focusing on at this time?

  • Organic products
  • Sustainable products
  • Climate-friendly packaging

Please notice that Concealed Wines sells products in Cans, PET, BIB, and Lightweight bottles today and we can provide partners with bottling solutions. Even if the tender asks for a particular tender format, samples can in most cases be sent in normal bottle format.

Please have a look at the link below and let us know if you have any questions. You can use either the live chat online or the message function on the website.

We are looking forward to presenting your products to the Swedish monopoly!

/ Polina

March, 2024

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