In a way to assure all parts of the supply chain are aware of the BSCI Code of Conduct and agree to it, the monopolies ask us to map the supply chain from farming to bottling as well as send them a signed Terms of Implementation by the company stated as producer as well as possible sub-suppliers.

In the mapping of the supply chain the following information is required:

– Brand Holder

Producer that shows on the label. This section is only necessary if the winery/distillery/brewery/brand on the bottle differs from the actual producer (e.g. the winery that produces the final product).


– Actual producer

Name the actual producer. Note that this need not be the one who has the legal responsibility as a producer, but instead is the one who does the actual producing, refining from raw farm product (grapes, apples, grains etc.) to finished product.


– Number of employees

Please indicate how many employees the actual producer has (full time employees and seasonal workers).


– Secondary supplier/sub-supplier

Does the actual producer have suppliers other than themselves that produce the raw farm product (grapes)?  If yes, please give the name and address of these secondary suppliers. Please do also state whether these suppliers have had audits made and their certifications if they have any.


– Bottling location

Is the article bottled at a location other than the actual producer’s location? If yes, please give the name of the bottling location.


– Audits

Has the actual producer been audited by someone other than Nordic monopolies? Which company did the auditing and when?  Which code was audited? (Examples of auditors: BSCI, Walmart, ETI etc.)



Does the actual producer have any ISO certifications or something similar?  Which ones, and when were they achieved?


– Certification

Does the actual producer have any social, environmental, or quality certifications? (Example: Fairtrade, Fair for life, WIETA etc.). Let us know about any global or local certifications the actual producer may have achieved.

– Other sustainability initiatives

Lastly, we would appreciate if you could let us know about any other sustainability initiatives that the actual producer supports or participates in (example: supporting schools or other social initiatives).

» Download the “Mapping the supply chain” document in excel-format

» Download the “Mapping the supply chain” document in word-format