Malin Pierre

Malin has been working at Concealed Wines since Summer 2009. Malin helps with preparation of advertisement campaigns and marketing events. Except being a great member of Concealed Wines, Malin is also an excellent wife, in love with Calle. Together Calle and Malin has a small daughter called Rut, that most certainly will be the next generation of Concealed Wines one day.

Name: Malin Pierre

Role: Art design – and creative ideas

Skillset: Creative work

Professional Notes: Educated Scenografer

Personal Notes: A great wife to Calle and a great Mother. Was professional simmer however after moving to Stockholm from country side Malin understood life is much more than only swimming.

Favourite Quote: Go to southern part of Stockholm, it is better quality of life.

Contact Malin at: Send and email to Calle and he will send it further to Malin if it make sense.